Can you find the threat before it finds you?

You can, with the AirportIQ Secure Credentials System. Our ASC provides the industry’s first secure credentialing solution that integrates with your business management software to ensure accurate contract compliance.



Imagine the new state-of-the-art business management software which alerts your credentialing office when a contract has expired or when a lease-holder is in violation – thus assuring badges are accounted for and retrieved.

Now imagine that a smaller airport with 500 badges can have the same continuous vetting and credentialing software that integrates with your access control system, and at an investment you can afford.

Our AirportIQ Secure Credentials can provide this for your airport today.

“ASC gives you full control over who you grant access to, and where they are allowed to be, while constantly checking badge holders’ backgrounds for crucial information.” – Tim Walsh, Director, Aviation Services