smslogo100pxDoes your airport need to manage risk in an evolving regulatory climate?

If so, then our AirportIQ Safety Management System (SMS) is here to help. Triage, track, and analyze safety issue reports as they are received through the AirportIQ SMS Dashboard. Spot incident trends to help determine which events warrant corrective action.


Safety Collaboration

AirportIQ Safety Management System (SMS) is the industry-leading safety compliance tool. It follows FAA Advisory Circular 150/5200-37A: Safety Management Systems for Airports. It provides you with the information you need to identify safety trends step-by-step and the ability to demonstrate proactive action being taken.

It integrates with FAR Part 139 and event management software and provides a central point of operational safety monitoring, risk management, and compliance. With AirportIQ SMS, airport staff can easily work together to report and mitigate safety issues.

“SMS is what you need to jump-start your program in accordance with FAA guidelines. It easily lets you maintain compliance and manage risk.” – Matt Batina, SMS Product Manager