The AirportIQ suite works for you


GCR’s aviation experts have provided solutions to the aviation industry for over 30 years. Our AirportIQ suite is a family of connected software solutions built to help you manage your airport, comply with federal regulations, and give you the information you need to make better decisions.


AirportIQ Business & Revenue Manager

ABRM helps manage your airport’s commercial activity and revenue streams. It handles agreements, leases, aeronautical and non-aeronautical activity.
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AirportIQ Safety & Operations Management Compliance

ASOCS uses the latest in web, mobile, and GIS technology to provide location-based, real time communication of activities and incidents from operational units.
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AirportIQ Safety Management System

SMS offers a flexible process that guides risk management in accordance with FAA guidelines. It allows staff to collaborate in reporting and mitigating safety issues.
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AirportIQ Situational Awareness

ASA offers the aviation industry the expanded ability to process, evaluate, and analyze real-time data that conforms to the unique needs of airports.
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AirportIQ Secure Credentials

ASC is a fully integrated credentialing solution that manages biometric credentialing, badging, continuous vetting, auditing, and access management.
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AirportIQ Clear View

Clear View is an Airspace Obstruction Analysis module that collects 3D LiDAR airborne aerial acquisition data to graphically view, identify, and analyze objects.
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AirportIQ Runway Condition Assessment

AirportIQ Runway Condition Assessment lets you meet the new FAA TALPA compliance guidelines now. Report your runway conditions straight from the field.
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AirportIQ Project Manager

AirportIQ Project Manager delivers the means to plan, manage, report on, and control long range capital projects, ensuring the viability of your airport’s future.
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