FAA proposes supplemental SMS rule for airports – AirportIQ can help!

NEW ORLEANS, LA. JULY 14, 2016 – GCR Inc.’s new AirportIQ Safety Management System (SMS) is one of the most efficient ways to comply with upcoming Federal Aviation Administration safety requirements. This week the FAA released a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking (SNPRM) for Safety Management Systems at certificated airports. The new FAA SMS program focuses on airport safety policy, risk management, assurance, and promotion in order to proactively identify hazards and deploy risk management principles into day-to-day operations.

Starting early next year, about 260 small, medium, and large hub airports will need to implement a formal approach to managing safety. To help airports comply with the new FAA SMS rules, GCR Inc. recently released AirportIQ SMS. Part of the AirportIQ suite, this software solution was built with input from leading airport operations professionals, airport risk managers, and GCR safety experts who have been creating airport operational safety software for over 15 years.


AirportIQ SMS integrates the safety risk management (SRM) and safety assurance components into Part 139 and normal day-to-day hazard reporting. It also guides airports in the formal, systematic approach to identify hazards and control risks associated with planning, development, and standards proposals. It offers a flexible, easy-to-use set of tools that guide risk management in alignment with the new Part 139 external SMS and Office of Airports internal SMS requirements. AirportIQ SMS allows the FAA and airport sponsor to work together to conduct safety risk assessments, control risks, and avoid duplicating efforts.

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For over 30 years GCR has brought technological innovation to the aviation industry through its AirportIQ software that is used in over 65 airports worldwide, including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, JFK, and LAX.


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