clearviewlogo100pxIs your airport’s Airspace at risk?

AirportIQ Clear View is an Airspace Obstruction Analysis module that collects 3D LiDAR airborne aerial acquisition data to graphically view, identify, and analyze objects.


Visualize Airspace

Clear View allows state aviation officials and airport managers to comply with State Standards or FAA Regulated Airspace Surfaces including FAR Part 77 Surfaces and TERPS 20:1 Visual Area Surface. For over 30 years GCR has assisted airport personnel and Federal State and Civil Aviation Authorities in visualizing navigable airspace surfaces.

We have had great success in working with local, state, and federal authorities and have evaluated over 3,000 runway end surfaces at airports throughout the U.S. In a cost-effective manner, our AirportIQ Clear View provides a clear picture to airport personnel that identifies obstructions to air navigation and offers solutions for mitigating potential risks.

david-murla100px“Clear View meets the needs of all parties at your airport to ensure the safe and efficient operation of air traffic.”

– David Murla, PE
AirportIQ Clear View Product Manager